Wilderness Outings

 “There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.”

― Aldo Leopold

For those of you who cannot live without wild things, come join us in exploring the mystery and beauty that still exist in our natural world. We are striving to listen like a mountain and we want to take you and your group on the quest.

Youth orienteering outing

Hiking & Orienteering

Explore new and exciting places with outdoor specialists.

“Only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of the wolf.”

― Aldo Leopold

There are countless awe-inspiring locations right here in southern New England where we can challenge the body and invigorate the spirit away from the rush and racket of everyday life. Hikes range from moderate interpretive ambles along singing brooks to difficult climbs up the steepest peaks in the area.

Like all of our programs, this is designed to be fun, educational, challenging, and fit for all ages. Trips range from short easy nature walks in the summer sun to trekking up 6,000 ft peaks in the winter and everything in between. Participants will learn basic map and compass skills which will progress through pace counting, point-to-point navigation, land navigation, and may even include extreme search and rescue with Wilderness First Aid. We offer environmental education, interpretive walks, tracking, camping skills, and even challenge activities like questing, treasure hunts, and advanced mystery missions.

Exploring local caves with NLA


Enter a world where the temperature never changes, and the light never touches.

Now you can explore this underground network of passageways with the help of experienced cave guides. This is an experience you will remember for a lifetime and is more fun each time you go. Also a great team building activity, we offer trips geared towards adults, youth, and families.