Scuba Experience

Scuba class with Next Level Adventures

It’s true and totally awesome. You can actually breathe and swim under water. But you need to learn in a calm, fun setting.

There are too many stories of people who were rushed into a scuba trip they weren’t ready for and forever lost the love for diving. We will provide you with an amazing underwater experience that will change your world. A scuba (self-contained, underwater, breathing apparatus) experience with NLA is unlike anything you have ever done.

We have access to several local pools and water-ways, and we can also bring the experience to a location of your choice. A summertime outdoor scuba party is always a hit (with cocktails to follow), and indoor pools are ideal year-round.

If you have a mask, fins or any equipment of your own it is recommended to bring it along so you can become more comfortable with your own gear. Otherwise, NLA will provide all equipment needed and we will bring you through the process at an easy, comfortable pace.

A basic scuba experience will have you comfortable with all the equipment and the basic skills of diving up to 12 ft. If you can’t resist and want to pursue certification, we offer a fast track course option that will get you all skills needed to become certified.

“I’ve had some memorable moments in the wild, but one of the coolest ever was diving off a reef in the Grand Caymans almost 100 ft. down watching a giant sea turtle soar below me.”

Scuba Diving in Western Mass for youth