First Aid & CPR

First Aid training with NLA

In the process of attempting to protect our earth, it is also the obligation of each of us to protect and care for our fellow men, women and children.

NLA is a certified health care provider through the Emergency Care and Safety Institution (ECSI), which is an internationally recognized organization.

We offer certification in Child and Adult CPR, First Aid, AED, and Wilderness First Aid. Our classes are affordable, hands on and highly efficient. Many of our instructors are former Red Cross instructors and we now use the ECSI curriculum, which affords us the opportunity to implement our unique flare and expertise into the classes. Whether it’s a basic band-aid or a mountain rescue, our instructors will take the time to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to confidently handle a medical situation to the appropriate level of your certification. And like everything we do at NLA, we will make it fun.

Along with other small groups and individuals, NLA has been providing instructional courses and certifications to the staff of the Springfield Park and Rec and Holyoke Boys and Girls club for the past 11 years.