Rock Climbing

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There is something truly raw and elemental about rock climbing that makes it completely unique in the realm of outdoor adventure.

To feel your body moving up a shear rock face under your own power and to know that you are absolutely safe is intoxicating.  To reach the top and salute a soaring hawk before the rappel down is something that you will never forget. If you’ve already felt it and want to get back or if it’s your first time, our professionally trained guides can custom tailor your experience to help you reach your next level.

Contact us today to book a day on the rocks with NLA for your family and friends, school or business.

Join a Climb!

Maybe you're just a group of two or three or heading out solo and booking a trip doesn't quite make sense? Not to worry! We are now offering full and half day excursions to locations less than an hour drive from Springfield.

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Birds are singing, fish are biting, flowers are blooming and it’s time to get climbing.

And, there is more good news - you don’t have to book a hotel room, fill up the tank, and head for the mountains. We can take you to the hidden gems right here in western Massachusetts.


Preparing to climb at Chapel Brook

NLA will supply all the instruction, equipment and safety for a day of hiking, climbing, and rappelling at one of the picturesque sites tucked away in the region.

Rock Climbing outings with Next Level Adventures

All climbs are set up and led by our expert instructors who have over 50 years combined experience leading outdoor trips.


A day of climbing with NLA can be custom made to fit your group, regardless of age or ability level.